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The Physarum Experiments, Studio Ex Purgamento


15 January 2017

To mark the last day of the exhibition at Studio Ex Purgamento, curator Natalia Zagorska-Thomas and artist Heather Barnett talked about interspecies creativity, control and authorship, examining the intelligent slime mould, Physarum polycephalum (image above). Questions explored the agency of organisms, nonhuman subjectivity, and interdisciplinary enquiry. The discussion was followed by a Live Morsing sound art performance by Zata Banks, a sonic transcreation of a piece of visual art called “Warm/Hunger” featured in Maintenant 10(0), the annual anthology of contemporary Dada writing and art published by Three Rooms Press in New York. 2016 marked the 100 year anniversary of Dada. Thanks to Natalia for a marvellous event.

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