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Daata at the Venice Biennale 2017

Daata Editions will be at the Venice Biennale in collaboration with Zuecca Projects, May – August 2017.

The Daata Editions Mixtape for the Venice Biennale 2017 includes two artists (Susanne Weigner and C.O. Moed.) who were chosen by me and commissioned by Daata as part of the Daata Season Two commission series on the theme of “Poetry”.

If you are attending the Venice Biennale, please do come and view the Daata Editions Mixtape.

Featuring artists: David Blandy, Jacky Connolly, Jeremy Couillard, Casey Jane Ellison, Yung Jake, Daniel Keller & Martti Kalliala, Sara Ludy, Rachel Maclean, C.O. Moed, Scott Reeder, Charles Richardson, Artie Vierkant, Susanne Wiegner, Saya Woolfalk, Zadie Xa.


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