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Backup Festival Trailer 2016

Click to play the Backup Festival trailer 2016!

PoetryFilm is at Backup Film Festival in Weimar. Thanks to Bauhaus Film-Institut, Bauhaus-Universitat Weimar, and Poetry Film Kanal journal. On 20 May at 5pm there will be a festival “special” featuring a talk about the PoetryFilm project followed by a screening of the PoetryFilm Parallax programme.

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PoetryFilm in Weimar, 20 May 2016

PoetryFilm at Backup Film Festival in Weimar, 20 May 2016 at 5pm. Thanks to Bauhaus Film-Institut, Bauhaus-Universitat Weimar, and Poetry Film Kanal journal.

A festival “special” featuring a talk about the PoetryFilm project followed by a screening of the PoetryFilm Parallax programme. 



Maintenant 10(0): celebrating 100 Years of Dada

I’m delighted to be featured in this forthcoming issue of Maintenant 10(0), celebrating 100 years of Dada. Copies can be ordered here and will be available in early June.

Maintenant is an annual journal that features the most significant contemporary Dada writing and art from around the world. Inspired by the original Maintenant, an irreverent and risk-taking ‘zine published, edited and allegedly written by Arthur Cravan from 1913-1917, the Three Rooms Press editions aim to bring to light cutting-edge poetry and art that stems from this original spirit. Since 2005, Three Rooms Press’ Maintenant has developed an international reputation as a primary source for Dada work by well-known and emerging artists. 

Maintenant 10: A Journal of Contemporary Dada Writing and Art

edited by Peter Carlaftes and Kat Georges

In 10 years, MAINTENANT: A Journal of Contemporary Dada Writing and Art has grown from a 12-page stapled black-and-white zine to the current issue: 190 pages filled with provocative, stunning, full color art and writing by some of the most intense DADA creators working around the globe today. Working with the theme “WARM/HUNGER,” contributors examined ideas of global warming, global hunger, and the “warmongers” that lead to these conditions. This issue of MAINTENANT also celebrates the 100th anniversary of the start of DADA, with quotes from DADA founders throughout the volume.

Complete list of contributors to Maintenant 10 (in alphabetical order):

Jason Abdelhadi, Tomomi Adachi, Derek Adams, Henrik Aeshna, Jamika Ajalon, Linda J. Albertano, Jan Michael Alejandro, Joel Allegretti, Avelino De Araujo, Greg Bachar, Alice Bag, Aditya Bahl, Zata Banks, David Barnes, Amy Bassin, Mary Beach, Beate Bendel, C. Mehrl Bennett, John M. Bennett, Volodymyr Bilyk, József Bíró, Sergey Biryukov, Rabyn Blake, Mark Blickley, Dianne Bowen, John Bowman, Gedley Belchior Braga, Bob Branaman, Fork Burke, Irene Caesar, Glen Calleja, Billy Cancel, Angela Caporaso, Peter Carlaftes, Mona Jean Cedar, Neeli Cherkovski, Peter Ciccariello, Hal Citron, Lynette Clennell, Andrei Codrescu, Giuseppe Colarusso, Roger Conover, Karen Constance, Tchello d’Barros, Steve Dalachinsky, Arturo Desimone, Cathy Dreyer, Kip Duff, Agneta Falk Hirschman , Jeff Farr, Becky Fawcett, Bartolomé Ferrando, Luc Fierens, Giovanni Fontana, Kofi Forson, Michael T. Fournier, Thomas Fucaloro, Ignacio Galilea, Armando Jaramillo Garcia, BAAM aka Maria Garfjell, Kat Georges, Christian Georgescu, Franco Götte, S. A. Griffin, Rebecca Griffin, Fausto Grossi, Janet Hamill, Grant Hart, Alamgir Hashmi, Heide Hatry, Aimee Herman, Karen Hildebrand, Jack Hirschman, Mark Hoefer, Bob Holman, Laura Tringali Holmes, Joel Hubaut, Alfonso Iandiorio, Jonathan Peter Jackson, Ruud Janssen, Mathias Jansson, Dobrica Kamperelic, Susan Keiser, Paul Y.J. Kim, Antonia Alexandra Klimenko, Doug Knott, Mark Kostabi, Ksenija Kovacevic, Dylan Krieger, Hope Kroll, Žygimantas Kudirka, Edward Kulemin, David Lawton, Pascale Le Bihan, Jane Lecroy, Marc James Léger, Patricia Leonard, Patrice Lerochereuil, Alexander Limarev, Emily Linstrom, Frédéric Lipczynski, Gerard Malanga, Sophie Malleret, Djelloul Marbrook, Laurent Marissal, Malak Mattar, John Mazzei, Jim McHugh, Philip Meersman, Iulia Militaru, Lois Kagan Mingus, Charles Mingus III, Richard Modiano, Mike M. Mollett, Dustin Luke Nelson, Alexandre Nodopaka, Dylan Nyoukis, Ruth Oisteanu, Valery Oisteanu, Suzi Kaplan Olmsted, Marc Olmsted, Jane Ormerod, David Ishaya Osu, Eiko Otake, Bibiana Padilla Maltos, Lisa Panepinto, John S. Paul, Claude Pélieu, Puma Perl, Pawel Petasz, Raymond Pettibon, Charles Plymell, Roxie Powell, Renaat Ramon, Janaki Ranpura, Kathleen Reichelt, Johann Reißer, Mado Reznik, Weley Ricket, Bill Roberts, Jerome Rothenberg, Martina Salisbury, Phil Scalia, William Seaton, Silvio Severino, Susan Shup, Elly Simmons, Pere Sousa, Thomas Stolmar, Richard Stone, W.K. Stratton, Phantom Street Artist, Daina Surrealism, Yuriy Tarnawsky, Neal “Skooter” Taylor, Richard Tipping, Ted Tollefson, John J. Trause, Jürgen Trautwein, Ann Firestone Ungar, Jon Andoni Goikoetxea Uriarte, Nico Vassilakis, Duska Vrhovac, Anne Waldman, George Wallace, Scott Wannberg, Mike Watt, Poul Weile, A. D. Winans, Larry Zdeb, Ali Znaidi, and Joanie Hieger Fritz Zosike.

Pleasures: film by Calum Atkinson + poem by Denise Leverton

PoetryFilm recently collaborated with the Graphic Design BA at The University of Lincoln on a poetry and film module. Students had a choice of three poems and the term-long project was to create a film based on one of the poems. I thoroughly enjoyed watching all the films at the end of term and here is Pleasures by Calum Atkinson, based on the poem by Denise Leverton. Congratulations, Calum! Click to watch.

In the treatment, Calum writes, “This film explores mundane objects through a macro lens (for example a glass water and a pencil sharpener), exposing them in interesting, unique perspectives, giving them new meaning and discovering an unfound beauty which may have gone unnoticed.”

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 15.48.04