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Pleasures: film by Calum Atkinson + poem by Denise Leverton

PoetryFilm recently collaborated with the Graphic Design BA at The University of Lincoln on a poetry and film module. Students had a choice of three poems and the term-long project was to create a film based on one of the poems. I thoroughly enjoyed watching all the films at the end of term and here is Pleasures by Calum Atkinson, based on the poem by Denise Leverton. Congratulations, Calum! Click to watch.

In the treatment, Calum writes, “This film explores mundane objects through a macro lens (for example a glass water and a pencil sharpener), exposing them in interesting, unique perspectives, giving them new meaning and discovering an unfound beauty which may have gone unnoticed.”

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 15.48.04

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