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Synaptic gap 2016

Wishing you a wonderful synapse during these days between Christmas and New Year.

Look out for more PoetryFilm projects in 2017.

Many thanks to L for the beautiful flowers.


PoetryFilm Submissions 2017


Call for Submissions

Artists and filmmakers are invited to submit their work for consideration for future PoetryFilm screenings and events. All themes and topics are welcome. Poetry films, art films, text films, sound films, silent films, experimental films, and other text/image/sound screening and performance material are invited. There is no deadline – submissions are ongoing and continuous throughout each year. All submissions will be catalogued in The PoetryFilm Archive.

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PoetryFilm Workshop at TOGETHER! Disability Festival, December 2016

In December 2016, I was invited to run a two-day workshop exploring poetry film with the TOGETHER! Disability Film Club in West Ham, London.

This was a two-day workshop for disabled artists and filmmakers, and was hosted by the TOGETHER! Photographers and Filmmakers Club at the Grassroots centre in Memorial Park West Ham. The workshop was co-facilitated by Julie Newman (Together! 2012), Ju Gosling, (TOGETHER! Festival Director) and me (Director of PoetryFilm). Filmmakers had requested the topic of poetry film, and it also made the workshop attractive to participants in the TOGETHER! Pop-Up Poetry Club.


After discussing different kinds of poetry films and screening a number of examples, the group began to develop and build their own creative ideas for a poetry film, and filming began. The second day was spent filming, recording and editing three brand new poetry films which were screened the following day at the Film Festival.

The works featured paintings, text-on-screen, voiceover, sound art, tessellation, zoom in and zoom out, and visual treatments to a single photograph. Film stills are below.

Christmas – Kathleen Jackson

Screen Shot 2016-12-29 at 18.35.56.png

The Gatepost – Alison Marchant

Screen Shot 2016-12-29 at 18.36.53.png

Right place, right time – Kirwin Gibson

Screen Shot 2016-12-29 at 18.37.34.png

#Nous Sommes Paris: new poetry anthology from Eyewear Books

On 13 November 2015, a series of mass shootings erupted in Paris, killing many people and traumatising a nation.

On 13 November 2016, Eyewear Books published #Nous Sommes Paris, an anthology commemorating the  outpouring of support and empathy with the victims immediately after the attacks and attempting to recapture the collective, human response to the horror, prior to its use as a political tool. Ideally, these poems offer a way out of the vengeful cycle that acts of terror seek to inspire.

My poem Le Pavillon des Lettres is included in the collection.

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Zebra Poetry Film Festival 2016

ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival Münster | Berlin

I was delighted to attend the biennial ZEBRA Festival 2016 – this year it took place in Münster, Germany, at a beautiful Art Deco cinema with all the original interior features. The press release is below including a list of the winning poetry films.


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