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The Poetry Challenge Recitational Fundraiser

Zata Kitowski performing at the Poetry Challenge recitational fundraiser at the October Gallery in October 2014. Zata recited her poem Ampersand. Many thanks to Josefine Speyer for the invitation and photograph. My nominated charity was the British Heart Foundation.

Zata PC Fundraiser


Rapunzel’s unravelled hair is long, long.

& it leads to waves by a pebbled shore.

& the discs and I are equals by the water.

& I skimmed my stone heart there.

& it sang skip-skap-skop-plip-plop.

& I lay on a rock and blinked.

& I waited in a spoon of sand.

& the tide turned and flowed to me.

& it foaming fingers carried my floating stone

& it was not a knot after all.


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