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National Poetry Day 2015: PoetryFilm lecture

Happy National Poetry Day 2015!

To mark the occasion of National Poetry Day today (8 October 2015), I will be presenting a PoetryFilm lecture and screening at Millfield in Somerset.


PoetryFilm at the O Bheal Indie Cork Festival (Ireland), 10-11 October 2015

I will be presenting a curated PoetryFilm screening from The PoetryFilm Archive at the O Bheal Indie Cork International Film Festival on Sunday 11 October at 4pm in the Smurfit Theatre, Firkin Crane, Cork (Ireland).


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PoetryFilm at “Art Language Location” art festival, Cambridge, 17 October 2015

I will be presenting a PoetryFilm screening at the Art Language Location art festival in Cambridge on Saturday 17 October at 1pm in the cinema.

*Art Language Location (ALL) is an art festival taking place from 15 October – 1 November 2015 in locations throughout Cambridge, featuring innovative and experimental contemporary artists from across the UK and beyond who use text in their work.


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BBC Radio 3 interviews Zata about PoetryFilm

Many thanks to BBC Radio 3 for coming to PoetryFilm Equinox at The Groucho Club, and for interviewing me about the PoetryFilm project.


“Palindrome” by Zata Banks screened in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

I am delighted that my palindromic poetry film Palindrome was screened in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) at the Cinepoema outdoor screening on 20 September 2015 at Casa da Glória.
Palindrome – and a reflection of Palindrome on the ground.

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PoetryFilm Equinox at The Groucho Club (documentation)

Below is documentation from the PoetryFilm Equinox event at The Groucho Club on Sunday 4 October 2015, featuring colourful sofa-armchairs.

Many thanks to BBC Radio 3 for covering the event.

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PoetryFilm Equinox at The Groucho Club, Sunday 4 October 2015


A screening of short poetry films curated by British artist Zata Banks.

To mark the autumn equinox, Zata Banks will introduce a curated selection of film artworks, chosen for their alignment with poetry, with poetic structures, with poetic experiences, and with the visual, verbal and aural languages of poetry in various forms.

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