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“Send & Receive: Poetry, Film & Technology” symposium at FACT: transcript of presentation by Zata Banks

Click on the image to download the full transcript of the presentation given at the “Send & Receive: Poetry, Film & Technology in the 21st Centurysymposium at FACT Liverpool on Thursday 5 February 2015. (20 pages)

The content of this presentation is taken from Zata Banks’ ongoing poetry and film research. This presentation was written to provoke discussions about aspects of poetry, film and technology at the Send & Receive: Poetry, Film & Technology in the 21st Century symposium at FACT on 5 February 2015. Thanks to Roger McKinley for the invitation, and to the team at FACT. 

© Zata Banks 2015


PoetryFilm Archive: Unknown Woman by Kayla Parker

PF Kayla Parker - Unknown Woman

Unknown Woman by Kayla Parker

Unknown Woman is in the PoetryFilm Archive and has been screened at a number of events including PoetryFilm at Tate Britain and PoetryFilm at Curzon Soho. The film traces a woman’s psychological journey using a mixture of drawn animation, stop-motion and live-action footage; the film originated from dreams of a woman and a crow in which the two beings shared one sentience.


“The man looks the world full in the face, as if it were made for his uses and fashioned to his liking.

The woman takes a sidelong glance at it, full of subtlety, even of suspicion.” 

                                                                                                                         Orlando, Virginia Woolf, Selected Works of Virginia Woolf p. 490

The below copy is taken from the artist’s website.

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Programme: PoetryFilm Party at Curzon Soho, 22 April, 2009

PoetryFilm Party took place in the Curzon Soho Bar on April 22, 2009 at 7:45pm and it was a free event.

The event featured a selection of PoetryFilms on the theme of Dream, and also live performances including Project Adorno and Play 2.

The full programme is below.

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