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CCR competition winner 2016: Haiku

Saebom Kim

The artwork is an invitation, a compelling silent film that draws parallels with the haiku form. Using visual images as its vocabulary, this understated and powerful film demonstrates the power of simplicity in evoking emotion and plural meanings. ~ Zata

Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 16.37.48

Please note that Haiku is the first film in this Vimeo showreel, 0:00-1:45 seconds.
All miniature videos and texts are oriented in the form and structure of Japanese Haiku.
“Zwischenraum / Space in Between” HD 00-01:45. The two persons are in the same place, but we don´t know how close or far they are from each other.

SAEBOM KIM is a filmmaker, media & sound artist, writer and photographer. Born 1985 in Seoul, Korea, she studied film making and film sound at the Korea National University of Arts. During this time, she made several short fiction films and worked for film sound. In 2011 she moved to Berlin and studied Art and Media at Berlin University of the Arts where she has expanded her artworks in diverse and experimental ways. She currently lives and works in Berlin.

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