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CCR competition finalist 2016: Whatever You Do, Don’t Move

Whatever You Do, Don’t Move
Imee Cuison

A concrete poetry film featuring considered typographic design, sound design and a main visual image all aligned with the creative concept and message.~ Zata

Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 12.30.39.png

The photograph, ‘Old Vintage Wire Fan GE Rustic’ is from Matt Hobbs and is in the Public Domain Archive. The song, ‘Forest Awakening Part 1 (Interlude),’ is from Junkcore Jazz Quartet and is under a Creative Commons license.
IMEE CUISON is a Filipino American writer and software engineer based in Charleston, SC. She is also the creative executive for Intrinsic Value Films, an independent film production company. In her free time, she has late night pyjama parties with her six month old daughter. Her work has appeared in literary journals and anthologies such as Fish Food Magazine, Tayo Literary Magazine, and Phatitude Literary Magazine.
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