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Art Beyond Sight exhibition, 17 March – 1 May 2016

Delighted to announce that my film Full Stop has been selected for inclusion in the Art Beyond Sight group show, a sensory based exhibition looking at visual perception.


Press release from Art Beyond Sight:

“Art Exhibitions are usually a visual experience. But as humans we understand the world by combining what we receive from all five senses. For the first time in our history, Art with a Heart are hosting a sensory based exhibition that explores how the five senses can enhance and change the way we understand art.

Art Beyond Sight is looking at perception and taking art beyond just being a visual encounter. This part of the exhibition is looking at the concept of ‘vision’, the mystery of synaesthesia and the sensation of sound. This section addresses the senses purpose in optical perception whilst questioning the role of visual art in evoking the other senses in the viewer. Curated by Rebecca Wild.”

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