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“Palindrome” by Zata Banks screened in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

I am delighted that my palindromic poetry film Palindrome was screened in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) at the Cinepoema outdoor screening on 20 September 2015 at Casa da Glória.
Palindrome – and a reflection of Palindrome on the ground.

Full Film Programme:

Abra, Gab Marcondes
O Retorno à razão, Man Ray
Grafitte, Bruno Vianna
Oh Taste and See, Thais Medeiros
Hand catching lead, Richard Serra
Nefelibata, Claudia Herz
Poema diluído, Gab Marcondes
Contramaré, Elisa Pessoa
Palindrome, Zata Banks
Three transitions, Peter Campus
Mata mata , André Vallias
Jogo da dança, Nadam Guerra
Eu vejo o que eu era, Gab Marcondes
Ócio, Marion Naccache
Cinco Poemas, Christian Caselli
Coleurmestible, Priscila Guedes
Para Sofia, Ícaro Lira
La mujer que voa, Tatiana Dager

Cinepoema featured short poetry and art films curated by Gab Marcondes and Thais Medeiros at O Cluster.

IMG_20150920_133033787 IMG_20150919_190134970 IMG-20150921-WA0014  IMG-20150921-WA0013 IMG-20150921-WA0009 IMG-20150921-WA0008
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