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“Full Stop” played on Nova radio programme (RTE Lyric FM, Ireland)

“Nova is about new music, chronicling what’s radical and what’s conservative, who’s established and who’s in the avant-garde.”

I am delighted to hear that Full Stop was played on the RTE Lyric FM’s “Nova” radio programme.

Many thanks to Bernard at Nova.

Click here to listen to the programme. Full Stop is played about 37 minutes in. The full programme schedule is below.

Presenter: Bernard Clarke

Producer: Eoin O’Kelly

Production Co-ordinator: Michael O’Kane


  • Title: Stand
    Composer: Massel, Jens
    Performer(s): Senking
    Album: Tap, Raster Noton
    Duration: 4:10
  • 20:23
    Title: Endless Night
    Composer: Lanz, Joke
    Performer(s): Sudden Infant
    Album: Wolfi’s Nightmare
    Duration: 5:04
  • 20:29
    Title: In The Bells Shadow The Machine
    Composer: Simpson, Jurgen
    Performer(s): Irish Chamber Orchestra/Jurgen Simpson
    Album: In The Bells Shadow
    Duration: 8:04
  • 20:40
    Title: Full Stop
    Composer: Banks, Zata
    Performer(s): Zata Banks
    Album: Full Stop
    Duration: 4:39
  • 20:46
    Title: The Last Record
    Composer: Lordan, Dave
    Performer(s): Dave Lordan
    Album: Like Dod’s Round My Childhood
    Duration: 4:24
  • 20:52
    Title: Sparsa
    Composer: Mclachlan, John
    Performer(s): Gary Raymond, Percussion
    Album: Private Recording
    Duration: 15:01
  • 21:07
    Title: Emerge
    Composer: Rynhart, Sue
    Performer(s): Sue Rynhart, Vocals/Dan Bodwell, Bass
    Album: Crossings
    Duration: 1:17
  • 21:10
    Title: Wine Dark Sea
    Composer: Rynhart, Sue
    Performer(s): Sue Rynhart, Vocals/Dan Bodwell, Bass
    Album: Crossings, 2014, MRSUESUE001
    Duration: 2:41
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