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PoetryFilm Parallax at The ICA (documentation)

Thanks to the c.100 guests who attended PoetryFilm Parallax at The ICA on Sunday 16 August 2015.

Documentation of the event is below.

“Feast your eyes on a curated selection of short film artworks” – Film London


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“Great afternoon ‪@poetryfilmorg ‪@ICALondon great curation wonderful films”

“Parallax- a magical & stimulating ‪@poetryfilmorg event ‪@ICALondon Loved ‪#spiritofplace ‪#breathing ‪#eye ‪#talkingskull ‪#fasterthanbirds”

“PARALLAX ‪@poetryfilmorg Great selection by Zata Banks of short films ‪@ICALondon today Next one at ‪@GrouchoClubSoho

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“‘Everything Makes Love with the Silence’ an exquisite fusion of film image and wonderful poetry. ‘It Started with a Murder’ and ‘The Lost Reels’ – two film poems that make art from extreme personal events. Thank you for organising. I’ll be back!”

 “‘Spirit of Place’ – a wonderful beginning to an inspirational event. ‘Eye’ made me witness the most intricate movements of vision i had not previously seen.”

“PoetryFilm was absolutely amazing today. Was one of the best collections of films and artists impressions. Great work and long may it continue!” 

“Inspiring way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Hail Zata!”

“Inspiring. Welcoming. Well curated. Thank you!”


“Special afternoon watching ‘Barattolo di Sale’ on a big screen at my favourite London film venue. A memory of a truly special afternoon. Thank you Zata Banks of PoetryFilm for this great occasion!” 

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