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PoetryFilm Archive: The Word City by Eduardo Romaguera

 ‘I am particularly interested in poetry in the broadest sense, that’s the key to my artistic work. Poetry for me is also a learning process and a search in the understanding of the other. Other objects, other persons.’

For a number of years Eduardo Romaguera considered giving his work another name: ‘Explorador would have been a good one. I believe “explorador” better reflects the work I’m doing.’

The Word City

Life as an artist is intense, according to Eduardo Romaguera, from Valencia, Spain. ‘Art is marvellous, everybody should experience it.’

His work switches between different artistic languages: photography, painting, video art, sculpture and new media. It is a combination of these disciplines. There is no central theme in his work. Eduardo considers his work as a game he plays with elements – some of them technical and very precise.

His artistic philosophy: ‘Flowing in the making and painting process. Finding myself through the process, finding things out and making discoveries.’ 

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