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Programme: PoetryFilm III, 25 July 2005

PoetryFilm III took place at the Genesis Cinema on Monday 25 July 2005 at 7pm and the full programme is below.

En Marche! (director Gad Hollander, poet Cristina Viti)

Directly inspired by Rimbaud’s poetics and biography, this is a stark vision of the poet as he strides into the 21st century with tenderness and vigour as his weapons.


Words are my Language (Stephen Morris)

“An insight into the working practices of Mark Fischer, the North East’s leading poet and thinker. Documentary.”


Gates of Heaven (Lucy Lee)

Animation based on Chinese myth. Each scene is individually hand-painted to create a fluid effect.


Hollowlegs (director Mike Futcher)

Hollowlegs searches for food in the post-apocalyptic desert. A new film combining both physical and digital string-and-bone puppetry with other animation effects.


The Man With Wheels (director Eugene Doyen, poet Billy Childish)

Billy and Eugene both liked the work of Kurt Schwitters. Billy already had some poems so they decided to make a film.


Goblin Market (director Sarah Dixon, poet Christina Rossetti)

Shot on Super8 in one day, this is a modern-day filmification of Rossetti’s poem.


The Message (director Andy Lawrence, poet Mark Gwynne Jones)

Three generations of the same family find a letter addressed to “The Gatekeeper”. Nobody thinks it is for them.


Tulgey Wood (director Jamie Bishop + Richard Swingle, poet Lewis Carroll)

An adaptation of “Jabberwocky” shows a boy searching the forests for an evil creature to avenge his family and village.


Black Love (director Gad Hollander, poet Nikolay Gumilyov)

“But don’t be surprised, my feuding friend, / my enemy, seized by black love, / if the groans of love will be the groans of torture, / kisses – tinged with blood.” (Gumilyov)


To a Poem (director John Crome, poet Andrew Marvell)

Based on To His Coy Mistress.


The Cummerbund (director Shelly Wain, poet Edward Lear)

A beautiful lady sits in the forest. Strange creatures twitter and hum. Panic ensues when a warning cry is issued: “The Cummerbund is come!”.


Walking Stories (director and poet Rob Speranza)

Photography, words, and obsession blur in this piece from the South Yorkshire Filmmakers Network.


Trophy (director Toby Norways)

Numerology and a revealing word-association game are at the centre.

* * *


Live poetry performance, PoetryFilm discussion and networking in the bar.

Including “Trombone Poetry” and music from Paul Taylor, and Malgorzata Kitowski reading from her new poetry collection Doppelgangers.

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