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Programme: London PoetryFilm Night, October 2004

Below are details of the programme from the London PoetryFilm Night which took place in October 2004 at the Poetry Cafe in London.


Ingredients (Malgorzata Kitowski)

A poetry film sequence.


Film (Robert Yates)

Robert will read a poem called Film from his second poetry anthology, Appendices to Life.


Dirtbox (Carl le Blond and Phil Dirtbox)

Shakespeare meets the Krays.


Inheritance (Anders Eideberg)

Inspired by the poetry of Swedish writer Per Lagerkvist, this poetry film shot on 35mm portrays a man’s memory involving an unconventional use of ink.


I Steal Pencils (Sasha Yevtushenko)

Based on a poem by Keith Franklin, this poetry film investigates the dormancy of words inside pencils.


Key (Malgorzata Kitowski)

Malgorzata will read a poem called Key.


My Seditious Circus IV (Charlie Phillips)

Drawing on the writing of Angela Carter, this collage questions gender and identity.


Causus Belli (Tom Jenden)

A political film exploring the current state of conflict we are in.


Meet Matt Cornish (Kevin Rhinehart)

Kevin will perform this poem.


Stories, Sounds and Words (Lee Gamble)

Musician Lee Gamble will perform Coffee in Teabags and more intriguing work from his laptop.

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