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“Construct a poem as if the words were three-dimensional objects to be handled in space. Print them on large cards or bricks if necessary.” – Writing Experiments by Bernadette Mayer

Bernadette Mayer’s Writing Experiments

* Invent a new form.

* Make a pattern of repetitions.

* Do experiments with sensory memory: record all sense images that remain from breakfast, study which senses engage you, escape you.

* Meditate on a word, sound or list of ideas before beginning to write.

* Write what cannot be written; for example, compose an index.

* The possibilities of synesthesia in relation to language and words: the word and the letter as sensations, colors evoked by letters, sensations caused by the sound of a word as apart from its meaning, etc. And the effect of this phenomenon on you; for example, write in the water, on a moving vehicle.

* Eliminate material systematically from a piece of your own writing until it is “ultimately” reduced, or, read or write it backwards, line by line or word by word. Read a novel backwards.

* Attempt tape recorder work, that is, recording without a text, perhaps at specific times.

* Get someone to write for you, pretending they are you.

* Attempt to speak for a day only in questions; write only in questions.

* Exercises in style: Write twenty-five or more different versions of one event.

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