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PoetryFilm News: February 2015

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Feb 1

Two artworks by Zata selected for Tate Britain exhibition, 24-25 January 2015

Tate Britain logo orangeI am delighted that two of my artworks, the concrete poem Full Stop, and the Morse Code sound transmission of the same text, have been selected for inclusion in Tate Britain’s RadioCity exhibition, a special season of radio, sound art, performance and broadcast. The printed text will be displayed, and both the text and the Morse Code audio will be broadcast through the radio channels at Tate Britain, on Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 January 2015, 10am-6pm. Look and listen out for it if you visit Tate Britain today.

A3 poster for the PoetryFilm event at Tate Britain in October 2007

A3 poster for the PoetryFilm event at Tate Britain in October 2007


Auditorium, 20:30 – 21:30

Introduction by Malgorzata Kitowski, director of PoetryFilm.

Watch a rare selection of experimental, avant-garde films about freedom and dream punctuated by live performance.”

The theme of the event was Freedom and Dream.



PoetryFilm at Tate: Freedom and Dream, October 5, 2007

Tate freedom and dream

Postcard from the PoetryFilm at Tate event in October 2007.

The theme was Freedom and Dream and the event was part of National Poetry Week 2007.

Programme: PoetryFilm: Altered States of Consciousness, Tate Britain, April 2006

Below is the full programme for PoetryFilm: Altered States of Consciousness which took place at Tate Britain in April 2006.

“Malgorzata Kitowski introduces a selection of experimental shorts: ‘filmifications’ of poems; films about altered states of mind; films jigsawed from cut-ups, beat writing, trips and dreamscapes.”

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