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International Submissions

A selection of the 30+ international submission packages awaiting PoetryFilm’s return from Iceland, featuring packages from Italy, the Netherlands, Woodstock USA, Belgium, NY USA, France, Spain, the BFI, RCA, and a striking silver metallic package.


PoetryFilm Archive: “Every Morning She’d Leave Me” by Victoria Bean

Every Morning She’d Leave Me is the story of an ordinary man with an extraordinary history: his life in London in the 1960s underworld has been captured in a series of concrete poems created using his own words. Part poetry, part social document, the film features language from another time: watches on a villain’s wrists are “kettles” and dollars are “Oxford scholars”. The film is an animation set in American Typewriter Light.

I 2

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Billie Whitelaw’s Mouth in the 1973 performance of Samuel Beckett’s “Not I”

Not I - RCA

Billie Whitelaw’s mouth in in 1973 performance of Samuel Beckett’s “Not I”.

Beatboxing Brain Scans



Image of MRI brain scans of an experienced beatboxer (left) and a novice beatboxer (right). The photo was taken at the Vocal Discords symposium at the RCA in March 2014 during Sophie Scott’s presentation of her research investigating language acquisition.

Agenda for the “Vocal Dischords” symposium at the RCA, March 2014

7 March 2014 | 10am – 5pm

Writers, critics, artists and scientists have been invited to explore the moments and conditions when the voice appears to detach itself from the body, seemingly acquiring autonomy.

Speakers include Sophie Scott, professor of Cognitive Neuroscience at University College London, who will discuss her research into the processing of emotional information in the voice; Brian Dillon will offer reflections on Billie Whitelaw’s 1973 performance of Samuel Beckett’s Not I; artist Lawrence Abu Hamdan will reflect on his research into the ways in which forensic speech analysis is used by the state; artist and writer Joe Banks will talk about Rorschach Audio, Illusions of Sound & Electronic Voice Phenomena; philosopher Nina Power will introduce and comment on machinic voices employed in public space today. Musician and writer David Toop will end the day with a presentation/performance.

PoetryFilm Salon, Royal College of Art, 21 March 2013

Below is a poster designed by Peter Blegvad for the PoetryFilm Salon which took place at the RCA in March 2013. Many thanks to Peter Blegvad and to the RCA for the invitation.PoetryFilm Salon poster