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Southbank Centre’s “Shot Through the Heart” Poetry Film Competition: Winners

Logo Festival of Love

The Prize Giving event took place on Friday 18 July 2014 at the Purcell Room at the Southbank Centre and over 150 people attended the event.

Many thanks to the Southbank Centre for inviting me to judge the competition.

The winners were:

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PoetryFilm Blackboard at Royal Festival Hall, July 18-20, 2014

PoetryFilm Blackboard is a participatory text/art project devised by Malgorzata Kitowski.

Visitors are invited to participate by writing words on a blackboard using chalk. A photograph will taken of each line and a PoetryFilm will be created using a selection of photographs taken from the project.

18, 19, 20 July between 12pm – 2pm Saison Poetry Library (on the 5th floor) at Royal Festival Hall.

The blackboard contributions will be screened on Monday 21 July at 12pm at the Saison Poetry Library and the poetryfilm will be available to watch here on shortly afterwards.

poetryfilm blackboard

Southbank Centre’s “Shot Through the Heart” Poetry Film Competition: Shortlist

(The below press release is taken from the Southbank Centre’s blog and was published on 15 July 2014.)


Southbank Centre is very proud to announce the shortlisted poetry films for its inaugural poetry film competition. Shot Through the Heart Poetry Film competition received entries from all over the world and judges selected 10 films to showcase at the prize giving evening in the Purcell Room at Southbank Centre as part of Poetry International Festival on Friday 19 July. 

There were two prizes – one for films made for adults and one for films made for children – all inspired by the themes of the Southbank Centre’s Festival of Love.

The shortlisted films for adults were:

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The Southbank Centre’s “Shot Through The Heart” poetry film competition entries… all 73 films have been watched


Postcard for the London PoetryFilm Night III, July 2005

Postcard for the London PoetryFilm Night III, July 2005

The event took place at the Genesis Cinema in London.

Shot From The Lip: March 4 – April 27, 2007

Shot From The Lip: the season of events ran from March 4 - April 27, 2007

Shot From The Lip – Brochure

The PoetryFilm event in March 2007 at Saatchi & Saatchi’s Gum Factory was part of the “Shot From the Lip” season of events.

Zata was on the “Shot From the Lip” Committee.

“The cult PoetryFilm Night is the only UK platform for the creative but very much un-mined field of PoetryFilm. The PoetryFilm movement led by Malgorzata Kitowski is forging new cinematic expressions: an innovative cinema of poetry, and a language of PoetryFilm.” – Genesis Cinema, July 2005


The quotation is taken from the Genesis Cinema’s marketing collateral leaflet for cinema listings Friday July 22 – Thursday July 28, 2005.

The London PoetryFilm Night III took place on July 25, 2005 at 7pm at the Genesis Cinema in London.

A3 poster for the PoetryFilm event at Tate Britain in October 2007

A3 poster for the PoetryFilm event at Tate Britain in October 2007


Auditorium, 20:30 – 21:30

Introduction by Malgorzata Kitowski, director of PoetryFilm.

Watch a rare selection of experimental, avant-garde films about freedom and dream punctuated by live performance.”

The theme of the event was Freedom and Dream.



Poetry International Brochure

Poetry International Brochure

Click on the image to view the Southbank Centre’s Poetry International brochure.

PoetryFilm: Sounds of Love is on Saturday 19 July at 7:45pm.

PoetryFilm Blackboard is on Friday 18, Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 July between 12pm and 2pm.

Poster for “Riflemaker Becomes Indica” featuring “Word Incest” in January 2007

Malgorzata Kitowski participated in a “Word Incest” performance together with fellow poets as part of the Riflemaker Becomes Indica show at the Riflemaker Gallery in January 2007.

“Word Incest” is a poetry/art performance concept devised by Malgorzata Kitowski.

Word Incest, Monday 29 January
Four poets read simultaneously in an evening of cut-ups and word incest. Malgorzata Kitowski, James Byrne, Suzanne Andrade, Paul Taylor. 

* * *

Indica, London’s first conceptual art space, the place where John Lennon and Yoko Ono met, and the hangout for the movers and shakers of mid-1960s London returns to the capital via Riflemaker, the former gun-shop in Soho, on 20 November 2006.

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“The Art of Love” book which accompanied the show at the OXO Gallery in February 2005

The Art of Love 2005 invited visual artists, writers, poets and musicians to submit works on the theme of Love.

The poetry was selected by Andrew Motion, Poet Laureate at the time.

Zata’s poem Eye is featured in the book.

The event took place in the gallery@oxo and Bargehouse in the famous Oxo Tower Wharf.

The exhibition was open for a three week period, from the 10th to the 27th February 2005. During that time the exhibition received over 9000 visitors, and attracted national and international press coverage which included The Times, Time Out, The Guardian Guide and the BBC World Service. The exhibition also established sales with a number of private collectors and art dealers as well as generating private sales.

On the opening evening over 2500 visitors arrived. Jessica Michaels, Natalie Arnold and the Rubber Band performed songs live in the gallery. Poets Joan Michelson, Kirsten Harris and Jennifer Copley read out their poems to a packed-out audience. Rodin’s “The Kiss” sculpture was re-enacted.

Paul Wynter, Managing Director of said, “What a wonderful reaction to love. The atmosphere of the opening night was perfect for the theme of Love. The response was simply phenomenal with the exhibition full to capacity with people enjoying the art, performances and poetry.”

Postcard from the PoetryFilm “Poets on Film” event at The Albany in May 2005

PoetryFilm partnered with Apples and Snakes, Battersea Arts Centre, and with Mark Gwynne Jones from the “PsychicBread” collective.


Postcard for the PoetryFilm event about Identity at the Artworkers’ Guild in October 2006

Postcard for the PoetryFilm event at the Artworkers' Guild in October 2006

The event was part of National Poetry Day 2006 and the theme of the event was Identity.

The full programme details are available here.

Postcard for the London PoetryFilm Night II event in February 2005

Postcard for the London PoetryFilm Night II event in February 2005.

The event took place at the Genesis Cinema in London.

The design is a treated film still from Zata Kitowski’s poetry film “Full Stop” filmed in North Greenwich.

“Malgorzata Kitowski’s regular London screenings have become something of a cult attraction to independent film-buffs and poetry-fans alike. The work stretches from art house to documentary, calling at all points in between.” – Battersea Arts Centre, May 2005

Copy from a postcard produced by Battersea Arts Centre and Apples and Snakes to promote the “Poets On Film” event at The Albany on Friday May 6, 2005.


Programme: PoetryFilm at Laugharne Castle, June 2014

Below are the details of the full PoetryFilm programme presented at Laugharne Castle on June 7 and June 8:

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PoetryFilm: Sounds of Love at the Southbank Centre, July 19, 2014

An evening of sound-informed PoetryFilms and live performances celebrating sounds of love and love of sounds.

Conceived, curated and introduced by Malgorzata Kitowski.

Spirit Level at Royal Festival Hall.

July 19th, 7:45pm.

To book tickets, please click here.


The full programme is below.

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PoetryFilm at “O, Miami” Poetry Festival in Miami, April 21-29, 2014

PoetryFilm was invited to the “O, Miami” Poetry Festival in April to present a curated PoetryFilm programme.

Malgorzata Kitowski also gave a reading of the poems “Knitting”, “Graffitti” and “Theremin” from her book “Doppelgangers”.

O, Miami expands and advances literary culture in Greater Miami, FL. The mission of the festival is for every single person in Miami-Dade County to encounter a poem during the month of April. 

Many thanks to the team at O, Miami for the invitation.


The British Postal Museum & Archive: An Evening of Music, Art and Film, March 27, 2014

I was delighted to be invited to perform at an event for the British Postal Museum & Archive on March 27, 2014.

The event was a fundraising/networking event to support the plan to open a new Museum & Archive. The evening featured screenings of the Night Mail film, highlights from the collection of GPO posters and PR posters, and live music.

The Aldwych Sinfonia (comprising three violinists and a cellist) and I gave a live performance of  Night Mail during the evening.

Many thanks to Scott Anthony and Sarah Jenkins for the invitation, and to Olivia and the musicians at Aldwych Sinfonia.

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“Cut-Up Experiment VIII” by Malgorzata Kitowski selected for the Stanford Code Poetry Festival

I was delighted to hear that my poem and corresponding PoetryFilm “Cut-Up Experiment VIII” was a finalist in the Stanford Code Poetry Festival.

An Oulipo poem employing anagrams and numerology is turned into a triptych cut-up. Each segment contains the same 166 words jigsawed in a different order. The film explores perceptions of meaning through seeing and hearing: in the first section, the words are both seen and heard; in the second section the words are heard and not seen; in the third section, the words are seen and not heard.

The event was sponsored by the Division of Literatures, Cultures, and Languages at Stanford University.

Cut-Up Experiment VIII

Film still from “Cut-Up Experiment VIII”


Zata Kitowski to judge the Southbank Centre’s “Shot Through The Heart” Poetry Film Competition

I’m delighted to be a Judge for the Southbank Centre’s Poetry Film competition.


Friday 14 February – Friday 30 May

Calling all poets and filmmakers! Love is in the air at Southbank Centre and we want you to create poetry films that explore the joy of first love, the pain of lost love, the confusion of displaced love, the purity of platonic love, or any other kind of love.

There are two categories to enter

Poetry films on the theme of love made for adults

Poetry films on the theme of love made for children (under 12)

Throughout the summer, Southbank Centre’s celebrates the Festival of Love. Our biennial Poetry International festival (17 – 24 July 2014) explores many different themes including the various ways in which love can impact on writers’ lives. Poetry film will be a major part of this year’s Poetry International.

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PoetryFilm Salon at Warwick University, January 9th 2014

I was delighted to be invited to present a PoetryFilm salon to students on the Creative Writing course at Warwick University.

LitBiz is Warwick Writing Programme’s weekly literary salon, organized by Masters’ students and featuring visiting novelists, poets, filmmakers, publishers, editors, agents and artists in conversation with Warwick writers.

Talks are open to anyone and free, and take place in the Writers’ Room in Milburn House on Thursdays from 1.30pm to 2.30pm.

Many thanks to David Morley for the invitation.

Programme: PoetryFilm Equinox (Autumn 2013)

Below are the details of the films and performances from PoetryFilm Equinox (Autumn 2013) which took place at The ICA Cinema, London, on 21 September 2013.

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PoetryFilm Salon, Royal College of Art, 21 March 2013

Below is a poster designed by Peter Blegvad for the PoetryFilm Salon which took place at the RCA in March 2013. Many thanks to Peter Blegvad and to the RCA for the invitation.PoetryFilm Salon poster

Programme: PoetryFilm event about “Heroes and Heroines” at Curzon Renoir, October 2009

Below are the details of the PoetryFilm: Heroes and Heroines event at Curzon Renoir Cinema in October 2009.

To tie in with National Poetry Day 2009 (08/09/09), the theme was Heroes and Heroines.

Heroes and Heroines celebrated included: Hitchcock, Rachmaninov, Bunuel, Dali, Madame de Pompadou, doppelgangers, Freegans, Gaston Bachelard and Rilke.

The full programme description from the event is below.

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Programme: PoetryFilm event about “Strangers and Strangeness” at Curzon Renoir, July 2009

Below are the details of the PoetryFilm: Strangers and Strangeness event at Curzon Renoir Cinema in July 2009.

The programme included an important film by Beat poet Michael McClure, a BAFTA award-winning film about levitation, and a photographic art film by Marco Sanges. There was a Q&A after the screening.

The full programme description from the event is below.

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Programme: “PoetryFilm: Mythology and Dream” at Curzon Renoir, December 2009

Below are the details of the PoetryFilm: Mythology and Dream event at Curzon Renoir Cinema in December 2009.

The full programme description from the event is below.

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Programme: PoetryFilm Party at Curzon Soho, 22 April, 2009

PoetryFilm Party took place in the Curzon Soho Bar on April 22, 2009 at 7:45pm and it was a free event.

The event featured a selection of PoetryFilms on the theme of Dream, and also live performances including Project Adorno and Play 2.

The full programme is below.

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PoetryFilm Archive: photograph from PoetryFilm at Cardiff Academi: “Shock of the New”, October 2008

Here is a photograph taken at the PoetryFilm event in Cardiff in 2008. The event was part of a programme called “Shock of the New”. Thanks very much to Cardiff Academi for the photograph and for the invitation.

Shock of the New

Programme: PoetryFilm at Saatchi & Saatchi, March 2007

Below are details of the programme from the PoetryFilm event which took place in March 2007 at Saatchi & Saatchi on Charlotte Street in London.

Nothing is Impossible

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