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International Submissions

A selection of the 30+ international submission packages awaiting PoetryFilm’s return from Iceland, featuring packages from Italy, the Netherlands, Woodstock USA, Belgium, NY USA, France, Spain, the BFI, RCA, and a striking silver metallic package.


“Send & Receive: Poetry, Film & Technology” symposium at FACT: transcript of presentation by Zata Banks

Click on the image to download the full transcript of the presentation given at the “Send & Receive: Poetry, Film & Technology in the 21st Centurysymposium at FACT Liverpool on Thursday 5 February 2015. (20 pages)

The content of this presentation is taken from Zata Banks’ ongoing poetry and film research. This presentation was written to provoke discussions about aspects of poetry, film and technology at the Send & Receive: Poetry, Film & Technology in the 21st Century symposium at FACT on 5 February 2015. Thanks to Roger McKinley for the invitation, and to the team at FACT. 

© Zata Banks 2015


PoetryFilm News: February 2015

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Feb 1

PoetryFilm will feature at Wenlock Poetry Festival 2015

PoetryFilm will be contributing a programme of film artworks to the Wenlock Poetry Festival 2015.


Photo of the London Poetry Film Night III at the Genesis Cinema, July 2005

London PoetryFilm Night II