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Celine’s Salon One Year Anniversary, The Society Club, November 2016

I was delighted to be invited to perform at The Society Club in November 2016 to mark the one year anniversary of Celine’s Salon, a monthly creative salon hosted by Celine Hispiche. Other artists included Emma Rose, Cathy Flower, Isabella Bornholt, Seki Lynch, Steve Devereaux, Lewis Macleod, Sasha De Suinn, and Cat.




Zata Banks is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and a member of the Typographic Circle. She is a brand consultant, artist, and the founder of the influential PoetryFilm research art project and screening series, where she has curated nearly 100 events over the last 15 years. Her creative work focuses on semiotics and ranges between neon, language, film and sound. She recently delivered a keynote at the House of Lords about creativity and poetry film, and her artworks have been shown at Tate Britain, the ICA, Southbank Centre, Cannes Film Festival, the Ruskin Gallery, O Miami, Mengi Reykjavik and CCCB Barcelona.

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