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Artist Talk at Art Language Location: Ruskin Gallery, Tuesday 18 October 2016 at 12:30pm

There will be an Artist Talk at the Ruskin Gallery, Cambridge, on Tuesday 18 October 2016 at 12:30pm in relation to “The Act of Creation”, a collaborative artwork by Zata Banks FRSA and Joe Banks. The artwork concept is the winner of the Cambridge Assessment Award for an artwork on the theme of “language and light”. It was commissioned by Art Language Location for exhibition at the Ruskin Gallery, Cambridge, 13 – 29 October 2016. Thanks to Art Language Location and to Cambridge Assessment.

The artwork unifies the concept of fiat lux” [“let there be light”, Genesis 1:3] with that of “in the beginning was the word” [John 1:1]. The philosopher C.W. Morris defined semiotics as “the science of signs” and, in terms of visual semiotics, “The Act of Creation” articulates a message that’s implicit in all neon signs – the association between illumination and language. By articulating the words, “let there be language”, “The Act of Creation” is unique among neon sign artworks in its depth of integration and interrogation between medium and message, since it’s light itself that (literally and metaphorically) illuminates the nature of the play on words.

Art Language Location (ALL) is an art festival taking place between 13 – 29 October 2016 in locations throughout Cambridge, featuring innovative and experimental contemporary artists, from across the UK and beyond, who use text in their work.


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